Q. My shipment has not been delivered or is taking longer than estimated?
A. Contact your DeliverEase customer service for assistance tracking your shipment. The DeliverEase customer support line at 1-866-890-6934

Q. How can I track my shipment?
A. The customer can track their shipment online under the tracking function. Alternatively, they can call DeliverEase Customer Support and they will track and trace your package.

Q. Can I use my mobile device to place an order?
A. Yes, DeliverEase is specifically designed to use on your mobile device. Just visit us at www.deliverease.org

Q. Can I change the address to my entered order?
A. Yes, Guest services can edit the original order to reflect the customers desired details.

Q. Can I redirect my shipment to a different delivery address?
A. DeliverEase may be able to stop the package if the package has not left its primary sorting facility. (Estimated Pick-up time is 2pm each weekday) If your shipment has already been picked up, call DeliverEase Customer Support at 1-866-890-6934 Option 1 and they will track and trace your package and see what they can do. There may be additional charges dependent on the new address location.

Q. My shipment was received with damages at the destination address?
A. Damages should be noted to the carrier at the time of delivery and before signing for your package. Contact DeliverEase customer service at 1-866-890-6934 Option 1 immediately after damages are found and they will walk you through the claim process. Shipment damages must be reported within 24 hours of the delivery if not already noted at the time of delivery. Shipments are insured up to $2.00/lb. If insurance was purchased at the time of order, your purchase and shipment can be refunded in full.. All claims would be directed to the DeliverEase Customer Support line.

Q. How do I package my goods to ensure safe arrival?
A. Please use our Packaging Guide provided on the Items page of our website and shown below. Also our Guest Services Representative can offer additional packaging material. Use a rigid box with flaps intact Package heavier or fragile items in a sturdy outer box using the double-box method. Cushion the contents with sufficient materials Remove any labels from your box that are no longer applicable Wrap all items separately and positioning them away from each other but in the centre of the box. Use adequate cushioning material Use only strong tape designed for shipping Tape all seems (use the H taping method for boxes) Do not use string or paper over-wrap Use a single address label that has clear, To and From addresses/p> Place an additional address label inside the packaging. Ensure your shipping label provided is securely attached to the outside of your shipment. Ensure any additional shipping documents, like your commercial invoice are places in a resealable labelope and attached to the outside of your shipment. Ensure there are no dangerous goods included in your shipment, see Dangerous Goods Guide for more info. Ask your Guest Services Representative for additional packaging material or packaging assistance

Q. Will a customer be able to confirm full mailing address they are sending to through the app or on Yellow pages or other reference address material?
The full mailing address is entered by the customer. There are two checks in place for customer to verify this, The Guest Services Representative will ask the customer to verify the delivery and billing information on the order page and before payment the order information will be displayed on the summary page. If the address or postal code are incorrect the system will not generate a rate, therefore it is important for the customer to know the full mailing address information.

Q. Can I ship Alcohol?
A. If you are a licensed retailer and have a permit, you may use our service to ship alcohol. Shipping alcohol as a gift is not currently offered through our service.

Q. Does DeliverEase ship Dangerous goods
A. No, DeliverEase does not offer Dangerous goods shipping at this time.

Q. What are dangerous goods?
A. Dangerous goods are a wide variety of articles and substances, ranging from common household items to industrial materials, are regulated in transportation due to their potential to injure people or damage property when handled improperly. Such articles and substances include but are not limited to:
• Explosives – eg., fireworks, ammunition, bombs, etc.
• Gases – eg., gas cylinders, aerosols under pressure, lighters, butane, etc.
• Flammable Solids or Liquids – eg., paints or solvents, matches, etc.
• Oxidisers or Organic Peroxides – eg., chemical oxygen generators, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
• Toxic Materials – eg., pesticides, fungicides, poisons, etc.
• Infectious Substances – eg., blood samples from infected patients – either humans or animals, etc.
• Radioactive Materials – eg., radioactive medicines
• Corrosive Materials – eg., drain cleaners, car batteries, concentrated cleaners, repair kits, etc.
• Other items regulated due to irritating fumes – eg., dry ice, pepper spray, etc

Q. Can I ship a mobile device?
A. Mobile devices can only be shipped through DeliverEase under special circumstances because they contain lithium batteries. Our Guest Services Representative can walk you through the process, but can only offer ground shipping options for your shipment. DeliverEase does not ship Lithium Batteries by air because they are considered Dangerous Goods. Lithium Batteries whether shipped on their own or within items such as laptops, cameras, mobile phones, video cameras and watches. Please follow the link below to more information about Lithium Batteries https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/tdg/lithium-batteries-are-dangerous-goods-1162.html